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Alamal for Agricultural Crops (Shareholding Company) subject to the Investment Law No. (8) for 1997, the company specializes in the manufacturing and processing of all agricultural crops and exporting it to all parts of the world, and also the import of some agricultural crops needed by the Egyptian market of some Arab and foreign countries.
After the company has been known and won good reputation through dealing with the import and export of many Arab and foreign countries during the past years, we have succeeded as a result of this seriousness and sincerity in dealing with others and gain experience sufficient to obtain ISO 9001 / 2000, also we are looking forward to obtaining a certificate of quality HACCP-22000/2005.
As the company enjoys a good reputation among all customers, this has led to most of its current production to be exported to Arab and European countries to satisfy customers and consumers and this is due to the application of effective FSM system for all factory activities and central departments,
which are subject to monitoring, measurement and inspection under the integrated system.

Our commitment :
We are committed to a strengthening and Audit quality policy goals through the effective application of the system of quality and specifications complying with the international standard specification ISO 9001 / 2000 and international HACCP-22000/2005.

Our Goal :
To satisfy our clients a quality and reasonable prices and keep up with requirements and expectations of future compatibility with the standard specification.

And our Goal :
a guarantee the safety and security for food production, food security and health devoid of pollutants, through the latest equipment and techniques and the application of industrial methods of certified programs and objectives and renewed periodically by the audit carried out by qualified team and the coach is capable of applying a diet and healthy and safe and effective compliance with.

( HACCP) specification ISO 22000 international starting with:
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Purchasing Raw Material Phase:

In this phase, the purchasing of the best quality raw rice from traders, farmers takes place, and stored in the dry storehouses on wooden drums, thus, keeping its quality and dryness.

Destoning Phase:

Rice is destoned in this phase via 4 destoners 6 ton/h each, in order to extract impurities such as straw, sand, and broken grain that affect the product's quality.

Paddy Cleaning (Alluvium Removal):

It is done using 2 machines 6 ton/h through density quality.

Paddy Husker:

Removing husk from paddy rice and separate the husk, unhulled paddy and brown rice ( Cargo), using2 paddy machines 6 ton/h.


Sifting Cargo rice through 6 ton/h sifter machine to separate Cargo, small, green, lime grains.

Loose Bran Removal:

Using 1 removing cylinder 6 ton/h to remove small, unwanted grains and separate them to have high quality Cargo rice as a produce ready to be processed in the following phases.

Rice Whitening and Polishing Phase:

1Using 4 whitening machines are used 6 ton/h
2Using 2 polishing machines to shine and improving the grains even more.

Automatic Rice Refinning:

Using 2 Soltex machines to refine the rice automatically and remove any impurities found.

Produce storage:

The produce is unloaded in this phase from the storehouses and is put in healthy, dry, well-ventilated storehouses.

Storing and Marketing Phase:

The desired produce (natural rice, Camolino rice, grain breakage) is unloaded in this phase from the storehouses and is put in the size of 25 kg or 50 kg bags with printed produce standard data, client's name, or any exceptional data related to the client's order and its storage in healthy, dry, well-ventilated storehouses on wooden drummers in ready-to-check and market.